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Welcome To My World...
Even though I have only had one book self-published as a teen, I'm still pretty new to the publishing world. Despite that, I believe that writing has always been a part of me. From writing school papers to making up short stories, it has always been an art form that comes so naturally to me. My interest in writing even takes me to the extreme of focusing more on the lyrics of a song than its melody; because unless I can understand what is being sung, I've found that I can not connect with the song itself.

Career-Writer... Not So Much

As you gaze through my site, you will find that I don't have many books to my name, only five in all. Two young adult with a more developed storyline and in-depth characters, and three much shorter novels where the main female character is simply spurred off of an aspect of my personality. That being said, I hope you enjoy the adventure my imagination will take you on.