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Welcome To My World...
Even though I had one book published as a high school graduation present from my parents, I'm still pretty new to the publishing world. Despite that, I believe that writing has always been in my blood. In fact, I will often mentally correct someone's grammar, or reread a sentence/paragraph until I feel it's grammatically sound. I would also say that I focus more on the lyrics of a song than its melody; because unless I can understand what is being sung, I've found that I can't connect with the song itself.

Career Writer...Not So Much

As you gaze through my site, you will find that I don't have many books to my name, only five in all. Two young adult with more of a developed storyline and characters, and three much shorter novels where the main character is spurred off of my own personality and imagination. Because unlike the many writers out there who have hundreds of bestselling works to their name, and who have created a noted public persona, I simply just don't want to turn my writing interest into a career. I pretty much just only enjoy writing when the inspiration strikes...and when I feel like I have something to say. That being said, I hope you enjoy what my sometimes, odd mind, has to offer imagination-wise.